Radio controlled model aircrafts is a very creative passion, which fascinates me since
more than 30 years.
Especially the wide range of interesting technologies (electric motor powered, combustion engines,
aerodynamics, electronic, electric und computer),
which you can learn and use makes this hobby never boring
and gives you fun whenever flying a model airplane.
Of course the use of latest materials (from balsa, plywood to fiberglass and carbon fiber)
provides you with a lot of new skills you can learn.

This homepage provides information about most of my airplanes I used to fly for
severals purposes, articles for german model magazine and competitions I participated,
self designed planes and made of kits.

And of course I still fly many of them with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Travel reports and a lot of pictures from trips to countries all over the world with
and without model aircrafts in my luggage. Please press Button Travel reports.

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